As a property manager of Section 8 housing for seniors, you may face challenges related to smoking policies. While it’s important to enforce these policies to ensure the health and safety of all residents, it’s also crucial to provide support and resources for senior smokers who may find it difficult to quit.

Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Educate residents on the health risks of smoking: Many seniors have been smoking for years and may not fully understand the health risks associated with smoking. By providing educational resources and information, you can help them make informed decisions about their health.
  • Provide smoking cessation resources: Quitting smoking can be difficult, especially for seniors who have been smoking for a long time. Consider partnering with local organizations or healthcare providers to offer resources such as nicotine replacement therapy or smoking cessation programs.
  • Create designated smoking areas: While smoking may be prohibited inside the building, it’s important to provide designated areas where residents can smoke outdoors. This can help prevent littering and minimize non-smoking residents’ exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Develop a smoking policy that is clear and enforceable: Make sure that your smoking policy is easy to understand and clearly communicated to all residents. Enforce the policy consistently and fairly to ensure that all residents are held accountable.

At Falkenberg, Gilliam & Associates, Inc. (FGA), we understand the challenges that property managers face when it comes to enforcing smoking policies in affordable housing for seniors. That’s why we work with our clients to develop effective policies and provide support and resources for senior smokers.

Who is FGA?

Falkenberg, Gilliam & Associates, Inc. (FGA) has been a pioneer and visionary in the affordable housing industry of Southern California for over 50 years. FGA was founded in 1967 by Jack Falkenberg and operated by him until his passing at which point his protégé Priscilla Gilliam took over and incorporated the firm as Falkenberg, Gilliam & Associates, Inc. FGA has developed and managed 38 buildings, totaling 1800 units, for seniors in Southern California. They work with non-profit organizations and churches to develop senior buildings and have an extensive history of helping these organizations establish a board of directors, pursuing funding, hiring contractors and architects, and overseeing the grand opening. Today, FGA operates many senior subsidized buildings and is committed to providing personalized, high-quality property management services for each one. Contact FGA to learn more about their affordable housing management services and how they can help you manage your Section 8 housing for seniors.

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