Proud to Manage these Fine Properties

Falkenberg/Gilliam & Associates, Inc. (FGA) is a Southern California property management firm that specializes in government (HUD) subsidized senior housing. Over the past 50 years FGA has developed and currently manages senior citizen residential buildings throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties with a team of over 120 dedicated professionals. Each FGA managed property has an individual waitlist. The waitlist is opened as demand requires. Being placed on the waitlist is not a guarantee of housing. Contact the building directly if you are interested in getting onto the waitlist for any specific building, only if the waitlist is open.

California Villas
Palm Desert, CA

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Palm Desert, CA

Visit Candlewood

Carlos Ortega Villas
Palm Desert, CA

Visit Carlos Ortega Villas

Casa Santa Maria
Buena Park, CA

Visit Casa Santa Maria

Catalina Gardens
Palm Desert, CA

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Desert Pointe
Palm Desert, CA

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Geneva Plaza
Santa Monica, CA

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Green Manor
San Diego, CA

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Harvard Plaza
Burbank, CA

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La Posada
Los Angeles, CA

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La Rocca Villas
Palm Desert, CA

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Laguna Palms
Palm Desert, CA

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Las Serenas
Palm Desert, CA

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Las Torres
Los Angeles, CA

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Palm Desert, CA

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One Quail Place
Palm Desert, CA

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Pacific Manor
Burbank, CA

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Palm Village
Palm Desert, CA

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Palm Desert, CA

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Santa Monica Christian Towers
Santa Monica, CA

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Santa Rosa
Palm Desert, CA

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St. Bernardine Plaza
San Bernardino, CA

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Taos Palms
Palm Desert, CA

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The Pueblos
Palm Desert, CA

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Verdugo Tower
Burbank, CA

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Wesley Tower
Burbank, CA

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Westminster Towers
Santa Monica, CA

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Woodman Manor
Van Nuys, CA

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Properties developed by Falkenberg/Gilliam & Associates, Inc.

Cathedral Arms
San Diego, CA

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First Congregational Memorial Tower
San Diego, CA

Visit First Congregational Memorial Tower

Grace Tower
San Diego, CA

Visit Grace Tower

Lakeside Gardens
Lakeside, CA

Visit Lakeside Gardens

Lions Manor
Monterey Park, CA

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Trinity Manor
San Diego, CA

Visit Trinity Manor
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